An Absolutely Fabulous Storybook For Adults!


The White Cat’s Book is a collection of spiritual fairy tales. It contains ten tales, connected by an adventurous white cat who appears now in the eastern lands, now in the tropics, and sometimes in homey rural settings.

As the white cat embarks on various adventures, readers are introduced to touching stories that deal on themes such as mind, power of thoughts, intuition, fears and beliefs, guilt, false self or ego, letting go, true forgiveness, love, joy, gratitude, humour, oneness, and spiritual awakening.

Marjo-Kaisu Niinikoski’s touching stories and Sirkka Shayan’s delicate illustrations will take you deep into the recesses of your mind, to a place where you can finally meet your true Self.




Besides, what makes me the best belly dancer is, of course, the fact that I don’t take myself at all seriously, even though I am the best artist in Arabiyah.  (The Circus, The White Cat´s Book)


The White Cat´s Book was featured on Hay House Radio. Listen to the inspiring interview of the Author